by Ling-Aya

About Ling Lingerie

In ancient times, ‘Ling’ was a title reserved for only the finest silk products. 

We explored the world in search of legendary silk hosiery that lasts forever,

Only to find out it is just a myth,
A deception that clouded our understanding of the product itself. 

That’s why we set our thinking back to the original idea: What are stockings for?
They are meant to be delicate, silky, thin, soft,
And made to conceal blemishes on the skin. 

Now, we have finally rediscovered the ‘Ling’ in stockings.

We won’t claim that they are indestructible,
It would be a mistake to sacrifice soft texture for the sake of extra durability.  

Introducing ‘Ling’– the finest silk stockings,
With exceptional silkiness.

Proudly produced by Ling-Aya.