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「Addicted Crotchless 瘾」3D Sheer Open Crotch tights 3D开裆免脱超薄丝袜


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What can make a signature Ling Lingerie silky sheer tights better? Make it Crotchless.

The open crotch design adds a taste of sensual on top of the sheer and silky sensation.

We’re only human, we all have desire. It’s okay to be ‘Addicted’ to your lust.

Ultra-thin 3-denier with high concentration knitting technique with sheer toes design.

Crotchless option designed for freshness and wearing comfort.

- Ling Lingerie's Signature Nude Sheer ™ fabric

- Size M: 155cm - 175cm, Size L: 165cm - 185cm

- Size M: 5'1" ft - 5'7" ft, Size L: 5'4" ft - 6'1" ft

Color: Sand

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